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Launched in 2011, it is a karabiners in zicral with automatic locking gate
Perfect for a primitiv or double primitiv set up
Design, light, bright.
The pulley add a real 20% mechanical advantage,

Technical specifications

6.1% zinc,  2.1-2.9% magnesium, 1.2-2.0% cuivre.
Material : Aluminium 7075 T65,

Suitable for 25mm webbing only

Diameter : 10mm
Length : 120mm
Width : 58mm
Self locking system
Double twist lock
Weight : 130 grammes

<-> 22kN closing gate, 
<->9kN open gate,
Apave results.

The rollerbiner is not made for ziplining or high-sliding.
That was and that is also not the purpose of this item.
This is not a Personal protective equipment